Our philosophy

We live in the reputation age. More importantly, we live in the reputation economy. Living in the digital age means all your successes and mistakes are there for all to see, and the wealth of information means people are increasingly immune to any advertising and marketing, no matter how skillful or imaginative. Who you are now matters more than what you sell. People care more than just about your product; they care about you. What is it that you do? What are your values? What will they support when they support you?

A good reputation opens many doors – clients are more willing to choose your product or service, you have the best employees working for you, investors see opportunities instead of risks. A reputation is created by who you are and what you do, as well as the way you communicate and establish relationships. 

Purposeful relationships are also important in the digital era. It is what sets you apart from others and proves advantageous in competition, because we trust those who we know best. Everyone is fighting for attention; as a result, it is personal, empathic and engaging communication which leads to success in business. The good news is that a reputation can be developed and efficiently managed by combining it with strategic business goals and conscious effort. We are sure of it and we believe that it is always possible to do better.

Who We Are

Our business card says “Great since 1998”. It is the year when we - Dagnija and Juris - met each other at university. Almost 20 years have passed since this event. It has enabled us to master our respective fields of communication and combine this experience to create a unique reputation management agency.

We have created a boutique agency. We think of our clients as our partners. Our wide network of freelance professionals allows us to match our partners with the best team for their needs. We will be with you on every step, from creating a reputation management strategy and content to public speaking training and handling crisis communication emergencies. Our services are available in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and, if necessary, also throughout Europe.

We are always developing and keeping track of the latest industry trends, so we have joined forces with our French partners to create the international conference Reputation Time. We have also launched the Nordic Reputation Institute, a platform for professionals to discuss the importance and research of reputation in business, politics and media.

In striving to promote and develop the regional startup ecosystem, we have joined forces with government, corporate and community partners to create the international Digital Freedom Festival conference. More than a thousand participants come together to discuss the latest trends and discoveries in digital technologies.

The Digital Freedom Festival - the L&Š flagship event - in cooperation with Lattelecom received the Baltic Communication Award for the "Best Baltics Sponsorship Award 2017" category.

Dagnija Lejiņa

Co-founder, Senior Partner

Dagnija has many years of experience in communication management. She is the former head of public relations at Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordic countries, having co-ordinated the bank's communications in the Baltics and Poland during the global banking crisis. She has also worked as a press secretary and communications advisor for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. As an alumna of the UK Government's Chevening scolarship, she has received a Master's Degree in Political Science and Communications from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

The development of the industry is important for Dagnija, therefore she is active in, and is the former head of Latvian Public Relations Association and the current Regional Co-ordinator of the European Association of Communication Directors. Her contributions have been acknowledged with numerous awards, including The Golden Button, a prestigious award for Latvian PR professionals. She has also received several Baltic PR Awards, the leading communications management contest in the Baltics.

Dagnija is enthusiastic about startups and technology. That’s why she along with her associates founded the Digital Freedom Festival, an international tech conference in Rīga, and co-founded the Latvian Startup Association. Dagnija frequently participates in startup events in Latvia and abroad.

+371 29 470 708

Juris Šleiers

Co-founder, Senior Partner

 Juris is a professional journalist with more than 15 years of experience in the media business. He was just 23 years old when he became the editor-in-chief at the influential men's lifestyle magazine Klubs, a position he held for almost 10 years. Juris has also been the editor-in-chief for several international corporate magazines, and his articles have been featured in most of the leading Latvian lifestyle magazines.

Juris is a member of Latvian Journalists‘ Association and the Head of Communications for the Riga Stradiņš University Alumni Association as well as a wine enthusiast, a great lover of cats and a regular jury member for various lifestyle contests.

As one of the founding members of the Digital Freedom Festival, Juris actively participates and organizes tech events, keeping up to date with the latest developments in the tech world.

+371 26 161 435

What We Do

Reputation strategy

With a carefully developed and painstakingly executed reputation strategy we can open the door to a flawless reputation. And yes, your own name is important as well: it is another brand that has to be managed.

Event management

We can be both the "head" and the "arms and legs", so we keep our finger on the pulse. Words without works have no power, so we take care not only of your public announcements, but also about your the press events, conferences, and seminars which bring together the people you need.

Media relations

Handling your media relations with our experience and extensive network of media contacts, we make sure your news reach the right people. If need be, we will also add digital communications.

Corporate communications

The reputation of a company depends not just on its communication with clients, but also on its relationship with its employees, partners and all the other people who are responsible for your successes and failures. We help create everyday Corporate communications for all the involved parties.

Crisis communication

And yet, some unexpected things are bound to happen. We know it, and we have been through it. So when the crisis comes, we keep a cool head and a clear mind, quickly developing and executing strategy that delivers clear information and damage control.

Communications training

Being in the centre of attention can be difficult. Communications training will help you keep calm and find the right words when the cameras and microphones point at you. We will always be exactly one phone call away.

Content development and design

As the saying goes, great content without the right form is just one half of the victory. So we care about both: content development together with design is one of our strengths.


Reputation strategy

Media relations, Event management

Reputation strategy, Media relations

Event management, Media relations

Reputation strategy, Media relations, Conference event management

Media relations

Content development and design, Media relations

Media relations

Reputation strategy, Digital communications

Corporate communications, Media relations, Event management

Media relations

Reputation strategy

Reputation strategy

Media relations

Content development and design, Digital communication

Reputation strategy, Event management, Media relations, Digital communications

Reputation strategy, Media relations, Digital communications, Conference event management


Media relations, Event management, Digital communication

Event management, Media relations, Digital communication

Event management, Media relations, Digital communication

Corporate communications, Event management, Media relations

Corporate communications, Media relations

Reputation strategy and management, Corporate communications, Event management, Media relations, Digital communications

Reputation strategy and management, Media relations, Event management, Digital communications

Reputation strategy and management, Communications training

Media relations, Event management

Content development

Content development, Digital communications

Reputation strategy and management, Digital communications, Stakeholder management, Event management

Stakeholder management, Content development

Strategy, Content, Media relations, Stakeholder management

Content, Media relations

Reputation strategy and management, Event management, Media relations, Digital communications

Media relations, Crisis communication, Event management, Event management, Stakeholder management

Corporate communications, Media relations, Event management

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